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Bucket list :
Live abroad 
Compete at Miss USA 
Jump out of an airplane
Win an Emmy 
Change someone’s life
These are the things I set out to do by the time I turned 30 and I’ve been pretty darn successful. I’ve lived in Mumbai India while dancing on a TV show, placed in the Top 5 at Miss USA in 2008, and went skydiving with the US Army’s Golden Knights jump team. I haven’t won an Emmy yet, but I’ve been close! I’ve been nominated 4 times for my work in Sports Entertainment television with the Miami Dolphins. 
However in hindsight, one of my greatest accomplishments to date, is none of these. It’s the work I do everyday with PR Pageant Coaches that has been my most rewarding  endeavor yet. Most of you reading this blog know that I have been training and coaching pageant girls toward their ultimate goals for years now but what you probably don’t know is how empowering it is for these young women to grow into themselves. I know it sounds cliché but pageantry doesn’t just get you ready for the stage show… It gets you ready for life! 
All of those days spent at the gym and meal prepping will mold you into a healthy and fit lifestyle, not one ruled by the fad and crash diets most of Americans participate in. All the hours spent preparing for interview and staying a breast of current events will help you land that dream job one day. And in the end, the moments you spend on stage “performing” for an audience, that can range from 100 to 100 million, will give you the confidence to concur any obstacles that stand in your way.  
I always say “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”. Everyone at a pageant is “pretty” but what are you made of? What makes you different ? THAT is where you beat pretty! A beautiful, confident heart with a plan is far more appealing than just an attractive face. 
In May of 2009 I had the opportunity to document the true definition of hard work with MTV. When I  was asked to be a “Made” coach, I had no idea what I was in for or what I myself would learn along the way. 
Looking like a princess with the wind in my hair (Yes in a full evening gown and sash), I road (on a horse) into a small stable in the tiny town of Lakeland FL. Not the “typical” way I meet new clients (lol) but MTV insisted. When I dismounted my steed, in front of me stood a tall, dirty, boyish looking thing that looked like she had never seen a hair brush in her life! I definitely had my work cut out for me.
Little did I know that this tomboy was about to change my life as much as I was about to change hers.
Highlights from the show….

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