Strawberry Picking


I got four F- words for you today ... Farm, Fresh, Family, Fun! Yesterday was a day. We have construction going on at our house right now, as we are trying to complete a couple home improvement projects before baby #2 gets here. One of those ventures includes included some outside landscaping. Problem is, the guy we hired to cut back bushes and clear out flower beds also cut through our uplighting and internet cables. 

Since I clearly wasn't getting any work done at the house with no internet, I decided to get Cashton out for the afternoon for a little social distancing activity. I have been trying to plan a visit to Wise Organic Farm in Indian Trail for weeks but it is the hardest ticket in town to get since they only take reservations for Strawberry picking. 

When I started to research other options I realized, there weren't many. However, Carrigan Farms in Moorseville was an alternative and I was familiar with them since we usually take a day trip there in October for pumpkin picking. Carrigan Farms did not require a reservation and there was more than enough space to social distance between us and other parties. We never felt threatened or unsafe. 

I will say, Carrigan Farm's website is a little deceiving as they have posted that this year's crop is much smaller than other years, but we found plenty of Strawberries in the backfield. Although they were smaller than we anticipated they are the BEST strawberries I have ever had! They were so sweet and flavorful we decided to leave with a pound of strawberries. 

Sure that might sound like a lot but for $15 it was totally worth it! I have been cutting up strawberries for my cereal in the morning and Elena just made the most delicious strawberry muffins for our trip to the lake this weekend.  

I can't speak for the weekend crowds but a weekday visit to Carrigan Farms is definitely worth the trip!  


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