Hornets Alumni Cheerleader Weekend


     What a whirlwind weekend! It's Monday morning and I think I am still recovering from all the fun!

     Friday night we had the opportunity to camp out overnight at Carowinds with some radio family listeners for the Grand Opening of their new rollercoaster, the Copperhead Strike. It was a warm evening of fun and games, perfect for sleeping outside in the "wilderness". Well not all of us slept outside. Maney, Roy and I opted to sleep inside Harmony Hall... I don't do that camping thing (anymore).

     Funny enough though, no one on our show (besides me) has ever pitched a tent. Now back in my High School years I was a bit of a country girl. My friends and I use to four-wheel and camp in the Everglades, but that girl is dead now. I killed her.

     Anyhow, I had to revive the country girl at heart and show these boys a thing or two about putting up tents and camping. Before calling it a night inside Harmony Hall I set up 3 different tents for my radio counterparts.

     As fun as Friday night was, the real party started Saturday morning when I left Carowinds and drove straight to the Spectrum Center in Uptown Charlotte. It was Honey Bee alumni day and as you may or may not know, I am a former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader and a Charlotte Hornet's Honey Bee Dancer as well!

     Once a year the Hornets host an amazing game to highlight and celebrate the legacy that is "The Honey Bees" past and present!

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